What our students have to say about CNY Singing Garden....

“Laura is a miracle worker. I’m a much better singer now.”

“Laura is my favorite teacher because she cares so much about me and my learning process. … I would not be singing the way I do, without her believing in me.”

“Laura is brilliant and talented beyond belief. … She is so personable and warm, and expects nothing but your full potential. I love her with all my heart. She is the most inspiring woman I know.”

“She is the best voice teacher I have ever had. … Laura not only provided me with many different ways of solving problems within my voice, but also did so with enthusiasm and positive energy. I’ve loved having her as a voice teacher, and would not be where I am today, if it weren’t for her.”

“Laura provides an environment for students to explore their vocal abilities, safely and productively. With a strong focus on technique, breath support, and musicality, she encourages her students to challenge themselves to grow beyond what they think [is] possible in their musicianship and performance skills. She creates a safe space, full of laughter and heart, sharing her deep love of music and life in every lesson."

Stephen Gordon
   Musical theater major, Syracuse University



“She brings such warmth and joy to the work that it doesn't matter if you're delving into the most difficult song—it's the enthusiasm and the care that she possesses that makes it not feel like work. I'm so very grateful for the time that she has spent, helping me to nurture and discover my own voice. I will never forget that.”

Semaj Miller ‘09
Producing Artistic Director
Dream FIERCE Productions (Chicago, Ill.)