Yoga for Singers Workshop Series

This Beautiful Series of Yoga Workshops help Singers to FREE the Body, Mind, and Spirit of any level of Singer. Community, shower and professional singers are invited to take part these workshops with Daniel Fields and Laura Enslin.

Bridge Street Highlight

Free the Body:

Authentic Movement for Singers

Dewitt Community Church in Miller Commons through the rear entrance

Using the tool of Toni Bergins’ JourneyDance™ and Intoning we will unlock the body’s Authentic movement and  voice. JourneyDance™ is a trans-formative dance form that combines freestyle and structured movement to inspire you to get out of your mind and into your body. Intoning is a practice that has been used for thousands of years, in which the singer creates many sounds, some sung, some speech-like and other non-sense syllables to energetically open the singing mechanism. By combining these disciplines, we open and enliven the singing voice. Students will take away many movements and intoning techniques that can be used in daily practice. No dance experience required.

Free the mind:

Mindfulness and Energy Awareness for Singers

January 13, 3-5:00 pm
Dewitt Community Church in the Parlor
through main entrance

“It is unseen and un-felt energy that does the singing.”- Giovanni Battista Lamperti, preeminent vocal pedagogue. In Free The Mind we explore the tools of Meditation, Visualization, Pranayama, and Energy work to tap into the energy behind the singing voice. Pranayama comes from the words Prana meaning energy or life-force, and Ayama meaning expansion or extension. Students will take away essential mindfulness practices to help maintain clarity, and focus while performing, as well as breath exercises that will heighten energy, and increase breath control.

Free the Spirit:

Yoga for Singers

February 3, 3-5:00 pm
Dewitt Community Church in the Parlor
through main entrance

Free the Spirit uses the ancient practice of Yoga to bring singers in tune with their spirit. Yoga unites the breath and body to bring one into stillness. Yoga is now being employed by some of the premiere young artist programs in the country as part of the daily routine for singers. This class will give you a basic yoga routine that can be used day to day in your practice to help you tune in, and prepare your body, mind and spirit to sing. Please bring a yoga mat for this class. No Yoga experience required.