Circle Sing

Join our Circle of Singers! Whether you sing in the shower, car or stage the Circle was created with the belief everyone has a voice to be heard. The Circle Sing requires no skill or singing talent—anyone with vocal chords can do this. There are no wrong notes!

This year we are exploring toning and delving deeper into the traditional Singing Circle. A spontaneous community is created at each gathering.

What is Toning?

Toning is an extended vocal sound on one vowel sound (ee-eh-ah-o-u). Toning for 7 minutes a day has been shown to improve one’s health and sense of well being. Here is an article by Shelly Snow sharing these findings,

What does a typical Circle Sing look like?

When you arrive there is a short period of time to meet and greet. A circle is created by the group. We begin with breathing exercise and meditation. Then we are organically led into vocal sighing and eventually elongated pitches. This leads into a good 10 minutes of toning. The group is then led through group games/exercises creating music together in a playful and safe atmosphere. There are opportunities throughout for soloing. However, no one has to solo.

This gathering asks for a $10 donation. Due to the intimacy of the setting, please RSVP via E-MAIL or our Facebook Event Page.

Our Harvest Circle Sing is, Tuesday October 29, at the lovely restored ArtHouse Alliance, 210 Green St., Syracuse, NY. Snacks and drinks are welcome.